Infrastructure and Machinery

Aura's manufacturing facility has a high degree of machine and process control automation to ensure repeatable production of high quality insulation paper. The company operates a low speed specialty paper machine with all stainless steel contact parts to prevent contamination from rusting machine parts so as to minimise conductivity of the insulation paper. It is common knowledge that the best test of the efficiency of insulation paper lies in its minimal conductivity which, in turn, contributes to the longevity of the transformer.

Aura uses only virgin fiber in all its transformer insulation products. All the pulp used as raw material is imported from reputed electrical grade market pulp sources in Europe and North America. We are also the first and only manufacturer of Electrical grade insulation paper in India to use de-mineralized water in our process. One hundred percent of our process water is de-mineralized after passing through our on-site demineralization plant.

Aura is the first and only manufacturer of insulation paper in India to make insulation paper in dual-ply (twin layer). Dual ply insulation paper offers superior tensile strength that is needed for longevity of insulation. Aura's offline calendaring and supercalendering of insulation paper ensures uniform thickness and density